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Web Application Development Services

We develop web applications that are responsive, intuitive, highly scalable, and can function online or offline as progressive web apps. We leverage modern front-end and back-end technologies and frameworks such as HTML5, CSS3, React, Vue.js, Angular, Node.js, ASP.net and Django.

Our web application development services cover design, development, testing, quality assurance, and support. Additionally, our team can assist with consultation related to modernizing older architectures or converting to a new web-based architecture that leverages the latest cloud technologies.

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UI/UX Design

Our UX/UI design team can help you quickly and efficiently develop a fascinating product. We provide complete UX/UI design services. Our designers continually develop their expertise in improving UI implementation and ensure flawless product quality.

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Front end Development Services

We use modern and responsive single page applications using the reusable dynamic components driven architecture of Angular, Vue.js, React.js to develop websites and web apps that are in line with your company's goals and your brand.

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Backend Development Services

We use the latest technologies and frameworks such as Node.js, PHP, Django and ASP.Net in the web app design to ensure the consistency of business logic implementation and protect your business from problems either on the server side or within the core of the system.

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Progressive Web Apps

Delivering user experiences that incorporate the feel and look of a mobile app and the reach of the web. We are a renowned mobile app development firm with experience in the development of Progressive Web app development services.

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Cloud Infrastructure and DevOps

Increase your company's response to the demands of the contemporary business environment, where efficiency, agility and flawless performance are now essential and can reduce the costs of testing and deployment through DevOps cloud-based services and cloud-based adoption.

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Quality assurance

Ensuring seamless and bug-free operation of your web-based application. Through the entire development process We provide QA as well as all kinds of tests of software for a product and its features to make sure it is stable and efficient and proactive risk detection.

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Our Approach

Our value-driven approach to Web Application development

Discovery and business analysis denver
Discovery and business analysis

Out top tier business analysts make it a priority to discover what you want to have developed. They analyze the system workflow and decide if Novateus is capable of developing a Web Application with your requirements.

Requirements and change management dallas
Requirements and change management

As a custom software development company we believe requirements are the keystone of every product. Our R&D consultants gather requirements from you as the first step to configure the workflow of your system.

Risk management and mitigation dallas
Risk management and mitigation

Fulfilment of the planned project cost, schedule and quality are essential towards the success of a custom software or any web application software. We plan risk management and mitigation activities all throughout the development process.

IoT Backend & API Development new orleans
Backend & API Development

Backend is the brain behind any web or mobile apps and requires a server-side backend to process and manage the data accordingly. Our experts are proficient in developing architectural API's for the platform like cloud, mobile, and other web-based services.

Schedule management houston
Schedule management

Every product has a unique schedule. As a custom software development company we effectively plan every development timeline. This ensures we deliver the custom software on the planned data set by the customer and the teams.

Communication management baton rouge
Communication management

Novateus follows the agile methodology for Web App development. That is why during product development we make it a priority to keep the customer in the loop.

Your Web Application Development Journey

We use innovative approaches and custom Web App development to make your project succeed

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R&D and consulting

Our R&D consultants gather requirements from you as the first step to configure the workflow of your system.

  • Requirement Gathering
  • Statement of Work
  • Discover Relevant Business Models
  • Avoid cost overruns
Back-end development dallas
Back-end development

With a focus on robustness, security and usability- Novateus designs strong core and backend features for its customers.

  • Server side development
  • Database Integration
  • Cutting edge security features
  • Scalable architecture
Front-end development denver
Front-end development

After we have gotten your requirements noted, we work to build a visually appealing product that appeals to you and you target customer base.

  • Consistent UI and UX
  • Incorporation of Strong Visuals
  • Focus on Typography
  • Focus on design Trends

Technology Expertise

We have seen many technologies come and go but we've kept our focus on developing mobile applications using the most robust, cutting edge technologies in the industry.

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Technology Expertise dallas


Frequently asked questions related to Web Application Development

There are some important factors that can influence the cost of web app development like the type of app, choice of platforms, number of features, location of the web app development agency, support & maintenance, Level of Complexity e.t.c
Integrating the advanced partners like Blockchain, AI, Cloud based services increace the complexity. Therefore factors involving in the web app development cost vary according to the services and featured used.

It depend on how small your business is what you plan to achive with your custom web application. What your business needs that you need to solve and whether you need custom features for your business. But if you need a amazing standout design, want custom features for the user, have unique challanges to address web application development services are the only way to go.