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Dedicated Teams

Dedicated software development team to help your business win

Extended Team that is part of your team

Dedicated development team model involves hiring a self-managed team dedicated to your project. Novateus can help you reduce development costs and accelerate the process by providing dedicated development teams skilled in Angular, React, .NET, Python, PHP, Node.js, and various other tech stacks

Let us assemble a dream team of software engineers,Designers, Scrum Masters, and QA specialists just for you. Our model allows you to maximize the efficiency of your team.

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On Demand
Extended Team

Save the development capacity without wasting time and resources on hiring or recruiting. We focus on the quality of code, design and daily tasks so that you can focus on the bigger picture.

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Why should you hire a Team of Dedicated Software Developers?

For those of our customers looking to save money wherever possible, and one way they have been doing that is by hiring dedicated software development teams. These teams can be used to provide any organization with the best-quality solutions in terms of cost and time effectiveness, flexibility, and speed.

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Get immediate access to expert developers

With Novateus by your side, you can quickly access highly experienced and dedicated developers to work on your projects. Our on-demand development team works on your project requirements only and provides you weekly and daily updates.

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Team Scalability

As your your project grows, you can easily scale the development team up. The development team will be available to handel any new project requirements to support your growning needs.

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Streamline your budget and save money

When you hire a dedicated development team, you control the size of the team, tasks, and budget. Easily scale the development team up or down as requirements change.

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Gain access to all major technologies

Novateus developers are trained in all major software technology stacks. We match our developer skills to your software and industry to ensure that you are getting the best resources for your project.

Technology Stack

Advantages of Novateus Dedicated Software development teams

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Top-Talent Engineers

We use a strict training and hiring system to make sure that our engineers are the best in the industry. The benefit of hiring a dedicated software development team is the ability to hire efficient app developers who are experts in their niche.

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Inhouse Control Level

With a dedicated software development team you get the same level of control over each resource that is accessible by a wide variety of project management tools. Novateus will leverage your inhouse resources to reduce cost and improve efficiency.

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Transparent Pricing and Timelines

Novateus offers transparent pricing at every step of the project. including weekly status reports to provide managers and other staff members with an insight into how the project is progressing and whether any additional work is required.

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Scalable Resources

Major benefit of having a dedicated software development team is to scale the resources. No matter how far your business goes Novatus Provide you full scalability of resources in all the fields.

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Customer-Focused Culture

At Novateus we developed a unique and customer focused culture. With a dedicated team that adopts your culture, you also get a cost-efficient alternative to an open or casual company that accepts anyone and everyone.

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Wide Range of technologies expertise

No matter how far and complex the development process goes tomorrow. Novateus has a wide range of professionals for quick enhancement.

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How Dedicated software development team helps you win?

You can use the knowledge, experience, and expertise of these outsourced professionals. You can also save a great deal of money if you work with this outsourcing model due to the lack of onboarding or legal fees normally associated with hiring new staff. The growing popularity of hiring dedicated development teams can be easily understood when these factors are taken into account.

We help you find the best talent

When you hire Novateus dedicated development team, We ensure to pick the Top-Talent Engineers for your project. For this we follow an onboarding startup process that ensures that we find the best fit for your business needs.

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Contact us about your project

Let us know about our project needs and goals - The more details the better. Our Team connects you for a meeting in order to understand your business objectives, tech stack and all other technical requirements.

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Our screening process

We then match you with an engineer manager from our talent pool to showcase their communication skill and problem solving with a series of video interviews. We will connect you with highly talented exert with relevant skills, well documented code and disciplined approach to testing

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Project startup

We decide the most suitable and relevant tools and tech stack for your project, build a road map, with goals and deadlines and set up the team for your project in less than 48 - 72 hours. Speed is what Novateus takes pride in.

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Manage the Team

A dedicated development team begins to operate on your Project Instantly. While you cope with the team, direct the development workflow and adjust your project requirements, and score as needed

Benefits of choosing our dedicated development team!

Over the years, many startups and enterprises have chosen Novateus as a dedicated software development team. All these clients have exclusively enjoyed several benefits some of them are

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Top 5% of development talent
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Seamless communication
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Skill enhancement & regular training
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Cost Effectiveness
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Easy and Fast Scaling
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Quick Development