Realtime proppant logistics software

Propdispatch is the premier, real-time, data-driven, automated, last mile proppant logistics management software and mobile app.

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Our challenge was to build a solution for an industry that relied heavily on spreadsheets, text messages, emails, and phone calls. In addition many of the users were working in remote locations with limited internet access. There was not central system that stored all of the relevant information to assign and track orders, no real time access to information, and many manual processes.



The solution was to create a web application and mobile application that stored all relevant information in the cloud and locally. When there was connectivity data would be synchronized across all platforms. We integrated several data feeds that eliminated manual inputs and provided real time access to inventory data significantly saving time and automating processes.


Finding the perfect style

Just like for any of our projects we had to have a basic understanding of required features, workflows, and user interactions. From there we looked for inspiration from popular solutions that are used to track deliveries, manage products and inventory, and manage hauling costs and invoices.

Colors & Typography

Typography is very important for documents, because most interfaces are text based. Combining good typography works perfectly to ensure a unique identity while keeping text readable for functional elements.









Font Family

  • Thin
  • Light
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  • Bold
  • Black

Concept & Exploration

This logistics and supply chain solution streamlines the ordering and tracking of oilfield products. Users can create and track orders, manage inventory, receive notifications, automate location status updates using geofences, calculate hauling costs, and more.




Design Result

propdispatch mockup