Peer-to-peer real estate sales platform

Unlockā€™d is a peer-to-peer platform for the Real Estate industry that arms consumers with all the tools needed to complete the transaction with minimal outside support.

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Novateus was hired to create an end-to-end real estate sales platform geared toward "for sale by owner" type sellers that wish to limit real estate commissions. However, real estate transactions have many complex interactions between buyers and sellers along with complex workflows for disclosure and purchase documents. Executing these documents and managing showings are a big part of what a real estate agent is hired to do.



Novateus has developed software solutions for the mortgage lending space for over 15 years. We intimately understand data collection, filling and e-signing documents, and complex workflows between many stake holders, which are also associated with real estate transactions. Once we understood the interactions between sellers and buyers of real estate, it was easy for our team to develop an end-to-end real estate sales platform.


Finding the perfect style

Just like for any of our projects we had to understand Unlock'd as a platform and its users inside-out. We looked at several real estate listing websites, but more importantly we looked at peer-to-peer marketplace solutions where a good or service was being sold.

Colors & Typography

Easy to to read fonts and colors that maintain a clean design style









Font Family

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  • Black

Concept & Exploration

A real estate sales platform that arms buyers and sellers with professional tools needed to complete a real estate transaction online






Design Result

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Web Application User Interface

The over arching goal of this project was to develop a web application that was easy for sellers and buyers to quickly learn and effectively utilize, while providing enterprise type functionality.

We started with ideas, concepts, and examples that were provided by the client. We created a consistent library of User Interface elements that are clean, simple, and easy to understand, along with built in workflows that guide users to the desired outcomes.

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Mobile Application User Interface

We were challenged to wrap the somewhat complex concepts and workflows of the web application into appealing mobile application UI / UX. We believe these types of challenges separate the good software development companies from the great software development companies. We created a consistent library of user interface elements that looked iOS-like yet were custom designed. On top of that the elements could be easily translated to Android counterparts.