Easy-to-use project management software

Users can manage projects, tasks, resources, time, invoices, and much more all from one simple online project management software.

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The challenge was to create a solution that was as robust as Jira, yet as simple to use as Trello. As a software development company we understand the importance of a great project management software to manage each of our projects in order to speed time to market and save our customers significant development costs.



We needed a robust solution like Jira, however we were spending too much time lost in their interface along with multiple clicks to accomplish repetitive tasks that needed to be streamlined. We worked with our client to design a solution from the ground up that significantly reduced the time it took to perform similar actions in Jira.


Finding the perfect style

Just like for any of our projects we had to have a basic understanding of required features, workflows, and user interactions. From there we looked for inspiration from popular solutions that are used to manage tasks, plan workloads for assigned resources, track time, and create invoices.

Colors & Typography

Description here is very important for documents, because most interfaces are text based. Combining good typography works perfectly to ensure a unique identity while keeping text readable for functional elements.











Font Family

  • Thin
  • Light
  • Regular
  • Meduim
  • Bold
  • Black

Concept & Exploration

This online project management solution incorporates the simplicity of Trello for task management, but provides more resource and time management functionality that you would find in more robust solutions such as Jira and Asana.




Design Result

cuewel mockup

Tasks, Documents, Resources, Time Tracking

Our project management software allows users to quickly add a project along with all corresponding tasks. Resources can quickly be assigned to any task using drag and drop. Our software helps optimize resource allocation based on resource availability.

Our users can configure a robust workflow engine along with role and user based permissions that automatically drive different types of views and activity within the application. We also include document management functionality that allows users to easily drag files to tasks.