Online PDF form builder and e-signature software

An end-to-end online forms solution that helps organizations modernize their approach to designing, assembling, and executing forms for their customers.

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Our challenge was to build an end-to-end forms solution that handles the design of forms as html, fully supports all adobe field types, the layout of forms is dynamic, and the solution can handle the management of batch forms processing. The solution would have zero dependencies on third party software (such as adobe or word).



Our significant experience in the lending and real estate space where we were exposed to many types of static forms and processing workflows was the primary factor that allowed us to create a robust solution that handled both the design of forms, and workflows for each unique transaction as forms are assembled and e-signed.


Finding the perfect style

Just like for any of our projects we had to have a basic understanding of required features, workflows, and user interactions. From there we looked for inspiration from popular solutions that are used to design forms and documents, manage transactions, and manage contacts.

Colors & Typography

Typography is very important for documents, because most interfaces are text based. Combining good typography works perfectly to ensure a unique identity while keeping text readable for functional elements.









Font Family

  • Thin
  • Light
  • Regular
  • Meduim
  • Bold
  • Black

Concept & Exploration

This online forms solution incorporates text editing capabilities, table structures, acroform fields, data mapping tools, digital signatures, script engine, workflow engine, collaboration tools, and contact management functionality for recipients of forms.






Design Result

formsio mockup

Automated form delivery and execution

Users can work with customers within an online portal, to create, approve, assemble, and execute forms created in Formsio.

A workflow engine will guide each person through the process of filling in data and electronically signing forms.

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Forms designer

Create any type of form online

Design your forms online. All field types will export as adobe form objects that render inside of Adobe reader.

The solution incorporates a script engine that can perform any type of mathematical calculations.

The solution also incorporates many different database type connectors in order to automate the assembly and data processing of large batches of forms.

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